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Did you know that Washington State is one of only three states in the United States where people are becoming poorer? Unfortunately, young people are being hit the hardest by this economic climate. But there's hope - SafeFutures is an organization that is making a real difference in the lives of young people.

Through empowering, teaching, listening, and advocacy, SafeFutures helps guide young people through major transitional phases and equips them with the necessary skills to become well-prepared adults. We focus on preparing young people for secondary education, career paths, and developing important life skills.

Your donation to SafeFutures can have a real impact on Seattle's future and the lives of young people. Together, we can provide the support and resources needed to help young people succeed and thrive, even in difficult economic conditions.


SafeFutures works with and understands South King County immigrant, refugee, and underserved youth and their families better than anyone in Washington State.


Alumni have reversed course from incarceration, violence and gang activities to graduating from high school and ivy-league colleges, getting jobs at fortune 500 companies and giving back to their communities.

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As Seattle continues to change and grow, its residents need more support. At this critical time for the city, you can help SafeFutures become Seattle's primary support system for the youth who need it most.


Our programs strengthen student's commitments to their education, work and communities. Everything we’ve accomplished to date has been with less funding, resources and capacity than the work requires.


With your support, we can:


  • Develop our team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs

  • Add satellites to expand our reach

  • Develop alternate sources of revenue




Large gifts and corporate partnerships are vital to our growth, but we also rely on community support and gifts of every level to fuel our programs. We need your help funding programs as well as capacity building grants ranging from $20,000 to $2,000,000. With your help, we will build a sustainable management structure and develop resources to teach our model to other organizations. 

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