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Youth Development Navigation

Welcome to SafeFutures! We are thrilled to share with you our dynamic and impactful mentorship program. We firmly believe that the relationships that young people build with their mentors are invaluable, long-lasting, and crucial during times of transition. Our program provides a safe and supportive environment where young people can develop meaningful connections with their mentors, who serve as positive role models and sources of guidance. With the help of our mentors, young people can gain the skills and confidence necessary to navigate life's challenges and achieve their goals. If you or a young person you know would like to participate in our program and experience the benefits of mentorship, please don't hesitate to enroll here.

While we are working closely with families and youth directly, we also love to partner with neighboring schools and other awesome organizations with our shared values of serving youth! If you are looking to refer a youth to our program, find our referral form, here.


See our Youth Development Navigator for the city of Seattle

Unique Hebert


See our Youth Development Navigator for the city of Seattle

Genaro Castaneda


See our Case Manager for Theft 3 (Southcenter & Bellevue)

Marc Bautista

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What They Do:

Youth Development Navigators are an integral part of creating a positive future for the youth. These mentors provide personalized, one-on-one support to young individuals, helping them set goals, create plans, and navigate the challenges that come their way. The Youth Development Navigators prioritize building meaningful relationships with each youth, to ensure that they receive top-notch support that is tailored to their unique needs. They provide emotional support, personal development tools, academic guidance, and career development advice, helping the youth unlock their full potential.


Our team stays up to date with the latest trauma-informed practices and youth development training, ensuring that they are equipped to handle any situation that arises. Despite not being licensed professionals or therapists; they are committed to providing the best possible support to the youth. In situations where a youth's needs exceed their capacity, they refer them to their amazing partners. The Youth Development Navigators work closely with their partners to ensure that the youth receive the additional support they require. Overall, they are dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable mentors who are committed to empowering the youth to create a positive future for themselves.

Supporting Transitions:

 Middle to High School

Firstly, we help those who are transitioning from middle school to high school.

This is a crucial time when young people need guidance to navigate the emotional

and personal challenges that come with this transition. Our mentors provide

emotional support, help build their confidence, and assist them in making friends. We organize fun workshop series at SafeFutures, where they can discuss their feelings and discover their personal strengths. Our mentors also help them set goals and plan for their future success. By building a strong relationship with them at this early age, we can offer long-term support to help them succeed.

Our mentorship program is open to youth between the ages of 14-24 years old, who are going through some critical transitions in their lives. We offer support to them in the following ways:

High School to Early Adulthood

Our second focus is on those who are transitioning from high school to college. This can be a stressful time for many students, who may feel overwhelmed and unsure about their future path. Our mentors support them throughout their high school years, helping them to find the right resources and options to prepare for college and early adulthood. By the end of high school, they will have a solid plan, the necessary tools, and information to feel confident in their decision. We provide personalized sessions and group settings to teach about career development, college success, and impart essential life skills and development to make sure they are fully prepared for life after high school.

Early Adulthood to Life

Lastly, we provide support to young adults who are starting their college/career journey and life as an adult. At this stage, they may no longer need a mentor, but we still offer resources such as financial literacy courses, young parenting support, and other essential life skills. We aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle any challenges that life throws at them. By the time they turn 24, they will have completed the mentorship program, feeling fully prepared for whatever the future holds, with a lifelong bond with their mentor.


Our mentorship program is designed to inspire and empower youths to achieve their full potential. Through our internal process, we pair up interested families or youths with their mentors, who help them build lasting relationships and set goals for their personal growth. A formal introduction meeting is arranged for parents/guardians, school counselors, or supporting family members, youth, and Youth Development Navigators to kickstart this journey of self-discovery and growth.


If you're interested in joining this life-changing program, please refer to the enrollment options above to sign up. We are always here to support you on your journey towards success. Please feel free to visit our center or contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

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